The highlights of René Casarsa & Andrea Berri recent presentations include:

 ·June 6th, 2010, at the Houston Piano Company, presenting "Tango meets Art" (music, songs and art appreciation)

 ·June 12th, 2010, at the “Performing Arts Center” in Corpus Christi, presenting "A Night of Tango" (music, singing and dance), with an enthusiastic audience of Tango lovers that filled the orchestra level

·September 25th, 2010, at the Jones Hall, University of St. Thomas, Houston.  This “full house” program of music, singing and dance included Pablo Donatti (violin), Michael Fahey (violin) and Artan Zhuri (cellist). To the delight of the audience René, Michael and Artan played Astor Piazzolla’s “Oblivion” with arrangement by José Bragato.  The dancers were Martin & Natia Pelaez and Susana Collins & Mauro Marcone. Also performing to great audience applause were the winners of the 2010 Young Musician Scholarship program (for High Schools), organized by René Casarsa with the sponsorship of Casa Argentina de Houston and the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston. René, Andrea and Pablo had (as audience said) a memorable interpretation of Piazzolla’s “Los pájaros perdidos”


Rene Casarsa and Andrea Berri have performed for the past 10 years, individually or together, to mostly sold-out events, in Houston and other cities of Southern U.S. including Corpus Christi, New Orleans and San Antonio.
Most of the venues were major university concert halls - University of St. Thomas and Baptist University in Houston, Tulane University in New Orleans, and Texas A&M in Corpus Christi. And also at theaters, like San Antonio’s “Empire”.
Rene’s and Andrea’s events are usually complemented by tango dancers (like Susana Collins, Pampa Cortes, Joan Bishop, Martin & Natia Pelaez), and accompanied by violin players (Pablo Donatti and Michael Fahey), and on occasions, by poetry readings by Claudio Manzolillo
Rene Casarsa and Andrea Berri (since 2009) are regular performers at KUHF’s “The Front Row” (Houston)


Buenos Aires Herald Newspaper… "She reaches her high notes with greatease, her bass tones are beautiful and she knows how to use her body in tune to the music"

You are an excellent singer. Thanks for all the sentiment that you put on those songs that touch me so intimately. A big hug from Hallandale, Florida, USA. CB

Truly extraordinary! Singing quality and interpretative strength, very fine phrasing and melodic lines, excellent dynamics, in short, I’m out of words. And on top of that talent, a beautiful woman. Thanks for your tangos…” MT (Arg.)

You’re an idol, I like your music, your gestures and expressions. It gave me the impression that you were walking through the city, singing to life. Congratulations, really I love what I have seen about you (KBR, Arg.)

Oh God!... Your’re incredible. I was unable to stop crying, you touched my emotions, I continue to listen to you… continue to listen to you. You’re truly great. Many thanks (U.S.)

El Dia of Houston (in reference to A Night of Tango at St. Thomas - 2004). When passion for tango chooses to manifest itself through the mastery of musicians that transmit their emotions at a piano, violin or bandoneon, destiny is already written, and nothing can make it change. One of those interpreters is Rene Casarsa. Rene continues to show an excellent technique and to provide us with passionate, colorful and well thought out tango repertories.



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